Executive Coaching & Leadership and Team Development & Training

Whether you are a leader in a government agency or a Fortune 100 company, Edizen is here to help with leadership and workforce development. For more than a decade, we have collaborated with countless executives, managers and team leaders on their organizational transformation initiatives. These services have included: executive coaching, leadership development, workforce training, and team development. Regardless of the size of your organization, Edizen is here to help you find the right solution to your organizational challenges.

Our team proudly serves government agencies and businesses throughout the Washington DC area and beyond. Moreover, we have the experience, resources, and dedication needed to help improve leadership and teamwork through executive coaching, training, and workshop facilitation.

 About Us

Edizen, a certified, woman-owned small business, partners with businesses and government agencies to improve leadership, team and individual performance through Organizational Development, Executive Coaching and Workforce Training.

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Team Development Workshops

Edizen believes that teams thrive when they hold themselves mutually accountable for success. Our programs ensure that teams know how to overcome common team challenges, define goals and create a high level of team member engagement.
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Latest News

march 2015

Career development: why it's a good idea at any stage

Coach, consultant, learning design expert and Edizen team member Gail Funke shares her thoughts on why career development is a good idea at any stage of your worklife.


February 2015

wish you were less busy: try becoming a better delegator

Well known coach, facilitator and staff member Brian Buford shares his thoughts on freeing up essential time by effective delegation.


january 2015

edizen announces promotion

Edizen announces the promotion of Christine Schrager to the position of Client Services Manager. Read more...

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hot topics

Leadership Development: Not an Option

 For far too long, organizations have looked at leadership development programs as one of the first things to eliminate when budgets are tight. But there are signs that school of thought may be changing.